From my honeymoon trip in March, 2017. She is holding the phone.  

An engineering postgraduate from a Tier-1 institution, how the hell did I land up as a writer? There is a roller coaster of story behind this.

To put it very short, my then organization forced me to work in person during COVID (first wave) when I had a 2-month-old kid, my first one (not that I have plans for another), at home. 

Not that I was a brilliant college teacher anyway, but the idea of getting a possible infection (and putting my child at risk) had given me (jitters and) the opportunity to say goodbye to a job (mostly the institution) I was hardly in love with.

Fast forward a few months, I found the only monetizable skill I have is writing, and the rest is are history articles 🙂. 

In addition to being a writer, I'm a son, husband, and father. Plus, there is a small gardener in me who is trying to feed organically-grown veggies to his kid. And did I forget to tell you about my dust-collecting guitar?